Why You Should Fence in Your Dog | Charlotte Residential Fences

If you have a dog, or are considering getting one, we highly recommend putting a fence around your property. Even a simple chain link fence, though less attractive than other options, can provide a place for your dog for exercise and play while staying safe from traffic, other animals, and strangers. Here are some more reasons why fencing in your dog is a good idea!

Better Protection for your Dog

Stray dogs, wild animals, cars and ill-intentioned strangers all present a threat to your dog. A dog that is fenced in is protected from all these hazards, and is also much less likely to run away and get lost. Letting your dog wander freely around the neighborhood is just a bad idea all around. There’s no telling what could happen to your pup when he’s out of sight.

Protect Others From Your Dog

Even the sweetest dog in the world could get into your neighbors’ trash; dig up flower beds and gardens; chase cats and squirrels; and bark at perceived threats. Then there’s that fact that a dog that is well-behaved and gentle at home might become more aggressive and agitated once it’s left the safety of its home. If your dog destroys someone’s property or harms someone, you’ll be on the hook for it, and your poor pup could even be put down, all because it wasn’t safely looked after.

Keep Your Dog Healthy

Even though we’ve altered dogs a great deal from their wolf ancestors, at heart they still need to run and play outside. A backyard fence lets your dog breathe in the fresh air and get rid of all that excess energy—which keeps him happier and keeps your home nicer! If the only exercise your dog gets is a 15-minute walk, it’s bound to be overexcited and possibly even destructive. Letting your dog hang out on its own is better for him and you.

Get Peace of Mind 

Above all, installing a backyard fence will help you have less hassles and headaches in the future. You don’t want to waste time tracking down your dog every night when it’s time to go to bed; get into arguments and disputes with your neighbors; and pay expensive vet bills if your dog gets attacked or hurt. Preventing your dog from getting lost, sick or hurt in the first place will give you an overall more stress-free life!

Get a Quality Fence for Dogs in Charlotte

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