What Type of Fence Should I Get? | Charlotte Fence Installation

A new fence is one of the fastest, most affordable ways to give your home more curb appeal. Installing fencing around your property can also provide increased security and privacy; muffle irritating sounds and smells; and give a good impression to neighbors and visitors. Here are three things to consider when ordering a custom fence installation.

What Is the Fence’s Primary Purpose?

The type of fence you should get depends largely on the primary thing you will be using it for. If you need to secure a dog or other large animal, you will want to choose a tall, sturdy fence option, rather than a short fence with narrowly spaced pickets. If you primarily want security and privacy from your neighbors, a wooden fence can completely enclose an area from prying eyes. If your primary objective is to make your home more aesthetically pleasing, aluminum fences are attractive options that can be molded in a variety of pleasing shapes.

What Do Fences In the Surrounding Area Look Like?

Of course, you will probably want your fence to blend in with the rest of your neighborhood; if you have a strict HOA or neighborhood association, this might be a requirement. Make sure to check your neighborhood’s guidelines for which options are permitted; many HOAs forbid aluminum fences that are too pointy, or styles that block the yard from view. Of course, if there are no restrictions to abide by, you can always stand out from the crowd with something totally different!

What Fence Option Matches Your House’s Architectural Style?

Another major factor to consider is the style of your house itself. A white picket fence would look great with a cottage or Cape Cod style home, but an ornate Victorian home would probably look better with a wrought aluminum fence. A ranch-style home might look great with traditional split rail fence, and a more modern home with a busy family might be well served by an easy-to-clean vinyl option. If you’re having trouble deciding, a local fence company can help you discuss some options.

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