3 Ways to Beautify Your Business Location | Charlotte Fence and Gate

Like it not, how you keep your commercial property communicates a lot about your business.

An ugly, poorly-maintained office building suggests your services are sub-par, while a beautiful exterior indicates professionalism, quality, and attention to detail. Here are some ways to make your commercial property more appealing to current and future customers alike.

Get professional landscaping

Amazing landscaping can accentuate your building’s architecture, draw the eye of passerby, and just make your business look more inviting and appealing! Popular business landscaping ideas include topiaries, vertical gardens, flowering trees and bushes, and rock arrangements. If you want to get really fancy, you could even have a topiary cut into the shape of your company mascot, or flowers planted in the shape of your logo. 

Invest in quality “hardscaping”

A “hardscape” is any type of decorative element made of concrete, brick, wood, or stone. Some popular hardscape options include brick patios; brick or stone walls; wooden arbors; large, decorative planters; decorative columns; brick walkways and paths; pergolas and gazebos; and water fountains. Quality hardscaping can add a lot of curb appeal to your commercial property that will impress your customers, partners, and competitors.

Set up a custom ornamental fence and gate

Erecting a metal fence around your property has two great benefits: first, it makes your property look more sharp, streamlined, and professional; and secondly, it protects the perimeter from trespassers and intruders. A remote-access gate can add even more professionalism and security, as you will be able to allow or deny visitors access from a distance, without leaving your chair and without putting yourself or your employees at risk. If you can only afford one item on this list, a fence and/or gate will be the best investment. A plant and water fountain can’t protect you!

Get a quality commercial fence in Charlotte NC

Whether your business is contemplating a small fencing project, or needs to enclose your entire commercial property with one of our fencing or gate systems, call James Fence and Gate. Our Charlotte fence installation crews are experienced in developing exceptional solutions for a wide range of business owners, municipalities, schools, and general contractors. Contact us today for a free fence and gate estimate!