Wood Fencing

Need a wooden fence for your new home? We can do it.

Nothing looks sharper than a wooden fence and a well-groomed yard. Let’s build it together. We’re James Fence and Gate, and we’ve been building wood fences in North and South Carolina for over two decades. We install, maintain, and repair wooden enclosures on single family homes, townhomes, and Homeowners’ Association projects, and we want to help you achieve that classic American look.

Reach out to us, and our wood fence installation experts will help you build a fence that works well, lasts forever, and looks great. And we never slouch on materials: We proudly use the best quality wood on the market, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best quality, no matter what type of wood you prefer.

What types of wood are used for a new home fence?

There are many kinds of wood fence materials out there. Determining which wood you like best is the first step in building a beautiful new enclosure. Here are our a few most popular fences:

  • Pine – affordable and durable, an American classic
  • Spruce – pressure treated and tough, perfect for picket fences
  • Fir – pressure treated, keeps the bugs away
  • Cedar – natural oils deter insects and look great year after year

But that’s not it. We proudly stand by our warranty, which ensures long-lasting quality and support throughout your fence’s lifetime. Even after installation is completed, we’ll always be here to fix and maintain your enclosure, as needed for services calls or emergency situations.

Most Americans dream of a nice house with a picket fence. Let’s make that dream a reality. Complete our convenient online form or call us to today to schedule your free project estimate. One of our estimators will get back to you promptly. We look forward to meeting you!