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Chain link fences are by far the cheapest fencing option that are still effective at securing an area. However, just because a chain link fence is cheap and easy to install doesn’t mean it’s the best fencing material for your property. Read on to learn more about the drawbacks of chain link fences, and some replacement fence options.

Lack of Privacy

One of the biggest problems with chain link fences is that they don’t allow any privacy. With a chain link fence, neighbors and passerby have an unrestricted view of your yard, which might not always be as tidy as you’d like. Lack of privacy is also a security issue—when anyone can watch you coming and going, they can plan on the best time to break into your home or commit another crime.

Doesn’t Block Sounds & Smells

A chain link fence does nothing to muffle sound waves coming into your yard. If you live by a busy road, barking dogs, noisy neighbors, or a construction area, a wood or vinyl fence would be a better choice, as it would block some of the noise coming in. Wood and vinyl fences can also provide a shield from nearby smells, like car exhaust and pet waste.

Not Aesthetically Pleasing

Chain link fences may be convenient, but they can drastically affect your home’s curb appeal, especially when they start to rust and warp. This can be an issue when trying to value or sell your house, and can be offensive to HOAs and neighborhood associations. A sturdy custom fence makes your entire home look better, and gives a better impression to friends and visitors.

Chain Link Fence Replacement Options

If you’re considering replacing your chain link fence, there are many materials and options to choose from. A wooden fence can completely wall off your wall, giving you complete privacy from neighbors and passerby. If you’d rather have a more open space, an aluminum fence is a good option that can be cast in many modern or contemporary designs. Vinyl fencing is also a good option because it doesn’t rot, mold, or risk an insect infestation like carpenter bees.

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