Top Reasons to Place a Fence Around Your Pool | Charlotte Fence Installation

NC pool codes require that all below-ground swimming pools, both public and private, be surrounded by fencing that is at least four feet tall. But even if these regulations weren’t in place, there are many other great reasons to fence in your pool! Learn more below from our Charlotte custom fence company.

Peace of Mind  

According to the World Health Organization, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death in U.S. children aged 1-14. Placing a fence around your pool protects your pets, kids, and other family members from accidentally falling in when you’re not around to supervise. Knowing that your family is safe at all times gives you peace of mind that’s well worth the fence installation costs!

Keep Trespassers Out  

There are plenty of kids, teenagers, and even adults who ought to know better who think it’s fun to take a dip in someone’s private pool while the owner is away. Not only is this irritating, it also puts the trespassers at risk for drowning or injury—and as crazy as it seems, they really could sue you! Placing a fence around your pool can ensure that only you, your family and your friends get to access it.

Gain Privacy

Most of us don’t like to be observed by strangers when we are lounging around in our bathing suits. The term “strangers” can include everything from innocently passerby, to neighborhood nosy parkers, and even peeping Toms. A custom privacy fence allows you and your family members to relax and fully enjoy your pool time without fear.

Beautify Your Charlotte Property with James Fence and Gate!

Many pool fences are very aesthetically pleasing, and can add style and class to your yard while simultaneously providing all of the benefits listed above. With so many fence styles, colors, and materials to choose from, finding a fence that suits your home’s design aesthetic is easy. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, our Charlotte fence installers can create a custom fence just for you.

We home this post has encouraged you to consider fencing in your pool, or even your entire yard! If you’re ready to install a pool fence in Charlotte, Matthews, Monroe NC, or nearby, please click here to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.