Our Charlotte Fence Contractor Discusses Top Benefits of Winter Fence Installation

Most homeowners request fence installation services during the spring, when the ground is soft and the weather is balmy. However, there are many benefits to installing a fence during the winter months. Below are just a few.  

Save Money

The most immediate benefit of winter fence installation is financial. Many fence installation companies offer discounts and deals in order to draw in customers during their slow season. Even if no official deal is offered, it’s very likely your fence contractor will be more likely to negotiate on price than he is in the summer. Installing a fence during the winter can help your budget stretch farther, and give you more to work with when spring does come around!

Get Faster, Better Service

The more customers a company has to service, the faster they need to work in order to get it all done. Installing a new fence during the winter rather than the spring and summer ensures you will not be competing against other customers for the fence company’s time and attention. They will be able to give your job their full concentration, and have more room to work with you on the calendar, too. They will also likely be able to commit a larger crew to your project to get the work done faster.

Your Fence Contractor Can Start Immediately 

If you wait until spring to contact us, you will likely be placed on a waiting list, and may not see your new fence until summer or even early fall. Scheduling during winter ensures we can start work immediately and get finished quickly. Another time-saver comes if there are any bureaucratic hoops we need to jump through to make sure your project meets all city codes. That can be accomplished more quickly when building permit staff are less busy, as well.

Protect Your Landscaping

Damaging the landscaping is a risk when installing a new fence. Trees, shrubs, and plants often need to be trimmed or moved during the process. Installing a fence during the winter reduces the risk of damage, as the plants are dormant and can’t be as easily disturbed.

Cross Fence Installation Off Your List!

Installing a fence during the winter allows you to enjoy your yard when spring arrives, with fewer tasks on your spring to-do list. You’ll have the time and budget to devote to gardening and planting, without dealing with the scheduling and the noise of installation.

Need a New Fence in Charlotte NC?

If you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits winter fence installation can provide for you and your customers, James Fence and Gate has you covered with a variety of fencing options. To schedule a free estimate, click here!