Our Ballantyne Fence Installer Explains How to Fix the Most Common Wood Fence Issues

When a wooden fence starts to look shabby, it may seem easiest to just replace it entirely. But before spending the money and time on a fence replacement, consider repairing that old fence instead. Here’s how to complete three easy fixes for your wooden fence in Ballantyne.

How to Reinforce a Weak Fence Post

Whether they’re cut from treated or untreated lumber, fence posts naturally weaken and rot over time. This is true whether the posts are installed directly in contact with soil, or encased in a concrete footing–it’s more or less just a matter of time. To replace a rotted fence post, you will need to take off the adjacent fence panels and get the old post—rotted end and all—out of the ground. However, if you have only a few rotted posts, you might consider stabilizing them with steel splints or braces. This can be much easier than digging up a fence post, especially if it has been set into concrete.

How to Fix Sagging Fence Rails   

The horizontal rails that support the fence screen (vertical pickets, solid boards, or decorative lattice panels) tend to sag over time. Most often, sagging originates when rail ends start to weather, and the fasteners securing them to the posts begin to loosen. Sometimes, fence rails sag because the span between posts is too great, or the rails themselves are insufficiently rigid to support the weight of the screen. Whatever the reason, you can easily tighten and reinforce sagging fence rails by applying a metal post-rail connector.

  1. Cut or remove the fasteners that were originally set to hold the rail in place.
  2. Mark the post where the bottom of the rail should join, then nail the connector to the post with galvanized nails or screws. 
  3. Set the rail in the connector, and secure it in place through the bottom and side flanges with anti-rust nails or screws.

How to Repair a Sagging Gate     

Like other parts of wooden fences, garden gates tend to sag with weather and age. When they do, the latch bolt and retainer become misaligned, and the gate won’t latch. In the worst cases, the bottom of the gate scrapes on the ground. To diagnose the issues behind the problem, look at the post on which the gate is mounted, as well as the hinges, rails, and stiles of the gate itself. Typically, the joints between the rails and stiles of the gate frame will loosen, and the frame will go out of square. To fix this, invest in an anti-sag gate kit which contains a cable or rod with an adjustable coupling, along with all the necessary mounting hardware.

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To keep wood fences in shape as long as possible, fix what’s broken as soon as you notice it. It’s best to relieve any structural stresses right away, as they will only make the fence break down faster if left to their own devices. If you would like a wooden fence installation or wood fence replacement in Ballantyne NC, call James Fence and Gate today to schedule a free estimate.