How to Remove Graffiti from Your Property | Charlotte Fence & Gate 

Some graffiti can be truly incredible works of art—but if graffiti has been left on your home or commercial building, we’re guessing that that’s not the case. Below are some tips on how to remove graffiti effectively, and how to prevent vandals from accessing your property ever again. 

How to Remove Graffiti from Glass or Metal  

It’s relatively easy to remove graffiti from unpainted, non-absorbent surfaces such as glass or metal. A good graffiti-removal product, available at most hardware or paint stores, is usually enough to get rid of spray paint, markers, and crayon. 

How to Remove Graffiti from Concrete

Removing graffiti or stenciling from concrete buildings or sidewalks is typically a two step-process. First, you will need to apply a graffiti remover made specifically for concrete, again available at most hardware stores. Then, either pressure wash or soda blast the area until it’s clean. 

How to Remove Graffiti from Stone and Brick 

Raw masonry surfaces are favorite targets for graffiti taggers, and unfortunately, they usually need to be cleaned with power washing or soda blasting. If you are performing the removal yourself, be sure to start out on the gentlest setting possible, and then move up higher and higher pressure levels. It’s also a good idea to apply the power washer to an inconspicuous “test” area, especially if you are working with a valuable, unstable, or historic building.

How to Remove Graffiti from a Painted Surface

Graffiti applied to a painted surface is easy to get rid of; simply paint it over with a matching color of paint. If you don’t have your original paint color, this might be a good time to paint over the entire surface with a new color you’ve been itching to try. (Every cloud has a silver lining!) 

Prevent Vandalism in the Future with a Charlotte Fence & Gate 

Once you’ve finished painting, pressure washing, or soda blasting away the graffiti, take steps to ensure you’ll never have to do it again! A property fence or perimeter fence in charlotte can stop trespassers, thieves, and vandals from ever setting foot on your property. To learn about our Charlotte security fence options, click here