How to Protect Wildlife From Getting Caught in Fences, Part 2

In our previous blog, we discussed how common it is for deer and other wildlife to become trapped in outdoor fences, and then die a slow, painful death if they are not discovered in time. Below are some ways to help private fences pose less of a danger to local wildlife.

Always Bring Wire Cutters

Whenever you’re hiking, hunting, scouting, or doing some other outdoor activity, bring along a pair of gloves and wire cutters. In some cases, an old, rusty fence has been totally forgotten and left up as a hazard to wildlife. In these cases, you might take it upon yourself to tighten loose wires, roll up loose wires, or (if you’re very certain the fence is no longer in use), take it down entirely. If this cause interests you, there may even be local organizations near you which participate in fence removal and other clean-up type projects.

Replace Barbed Wire Fences

The most lethal fences for ungulates and other animals are woven wire fences that are topped with a single strand of barbed wire. Studies have revealed that this combination actually traps more animals than fences with four barbed wire stands, or chain-link fences topped with a barbed wire strand. The worst fatalities occur when animals get their back legs trapped between the top two wires, especially if the wires are loose.

Therefore, replacing a barbed wire fence with a picket fence, chain link fence, or metal fence can make a big impact on local wildlife. It helps you as a property owner, too, as these types of fences are much sturdier and harder for trespassers to break through. A wire fence, as we noted above, can simply be cut by any passerby with a set of clippers. A wooden fence or metal fence is much more difficult to bypass, and can give you peace of mind that your property is safe while protecting local animals.

Need a Fence Repair or Replacement in Charlotte?

By following the tips we’ve outlined in this series, you can save deer from needlessly dying a slow death. Maybe you will even help give a hunter a lucky catch someday. No matter what your stance on hunting and fishing, we can all agree that no animal should die in such a torturous manner, when it can so easily be prevented. If you would like to schedule a fence repair in Charlotte or, better yet, a fence replacement, fill out our contact form here.