How to Make the Most of a Small Backyard | James Fence & Gate

These days, it can often seem like backyards are getting smaller and smaller, especially in highly-populated areas like we have in Charlotte. Luckily, designers in places like New York and San Francisco have long dealt with this particular challenge, and have figured out some clever ways to maximize a small outdoor space. If you have a compact yard, here are some ideas for getting the most bang for your buck. 

Use Small Furniture

If you’ve got a small backyard, the last thing you want to do is cram in a 10-person dining table. Instead, consider using built-in or extendable tables. Likewise, you won’t want to plant a tree that’s going to grow to 100 feet tall and completely overtake your yard. Instead, work in small, native plants and grasses to give the space an open, inviting feel.

Avoid Clutter

The more elements your yard contains, the smaller and more cramped it will feel. As much as you might want to go all-out with décor ideas, try to keep things as minimal as possible. It’s important to keep plants under control, too, as too many plants will sprawl out and take over the space. Instead of, for instance, having 20 little pots scattered about, try two or three large plants for a cleaner look with a bigger impact. Incorporating clean lines, just one or two colors, and simple styles will help make the space feel less accidental, chaotic and overwhelming.

Use One Surface Material 

While large backyards can look nice with differently-paved sections—like a grassy play area and a brick patio—small spaces generally need the cohesion of one unifying material. If you have children or dogs, you could create a separate play zone to keep them close by while you’re entertaining, and use continuous paving to tie it all together. You might even consider using the same paving material as your front entryway, to totally unify the property.

Complement Your Interior

When decorating your yard, use the same colors and style that you’ve already established inside your home. Using colors and textures that tie the two spaces together will help the yard feel like an extension of the home, sort of like its own grassy living room. Try adding more than a few lawn chairs—a cozy lounge seating area can help give a small yard a room-like feel.

Enclose The Space with a Custom Fence  

It may sound counterintuitive to making a small space feel larger, but enclosing a small space even more can play up its coziness and make it intimate, something that’s difficult to achieve with large spaces. This ties into our previous tip of making the space feel like a large outdoor room. A tall fence can also be used to block an unattractive view or unpleasant neighboring yard.

Need a Custom Fence in Charlotte NC? 

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