How to Make a “Giving Fence” For Those in Need This Christmas

As much as we like fences—we spend our whole work week installing them, after all—we have to admit that stories involving fences don’t usually provoke warm fuzzy feelings. Most fences are erected to keep people and animals out, not invite people in. That’s why it’s so heartwarming for us as Charlotte fence contractors to read about the trend of “Giving Fences”, or fences where donors hang cold weather clothing and other necessities for those in need. Read more about giving fences below, and hopefully, you’ll be inspired to create one of your own this season!

Bloomington’s Giving Fence

It might not be the first giving fence in the world, but the giving fence in Bloomington, Indiana is the one that’s drawn the most national attention this year. It was started when a couple, Tahnee and Matt Lathrop, started hanging used cold weather gear along their business’ fence for people who might need it. She reached out to the community to see if anyone else wanted to donate old coats, hats, gloves, and shoes, and the idea took off. People could anonymously place their donated items in bags and hang them on the fence. Others, who needed the gear, could stop by and grab it.

Ogden’s Giving Fence

The Ogden Rescue Mission in Ogden, Utah, did the same thing for their own community. Project founder Lizzie Lawrence told the local news that she was inspired by her own experience with homelessness at a young age. The section of fence in front of Lawrence’s home was only 6 ft. long, but at the time of the interview it was already piled with jackets, blankets, toys, food, and even snowboarding equipment and hand warmers. A sign next to the fence reads, “If you need it, take it. If you have it, leave it.” Lawrence told the news outlet that the biggest benefit of the fence is that it allows those in need to take it anonymously, without fear of embarrassment.

Start Your Own Giving Fence in Charlotte!

We hope that this story has inspired someone out there to start a giving fence of their own. All you need is a fence (we can provide that with our Charlotte fence installation services), a social media account, and a community willing to lend a helping hand. With just a little bit of effort, you can make someone else warm this winter season and get back much more than you gave.

From all of us at James Fence & Gate, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!