How to Choose the Best Fence for Livestock | James Fence and Gate

When choosing the right type of fence for your livestock, it’s important to remember that one fence won’t fit all. Each animal has different needs and preferences which will require a different fence. Below are some tips on how to choose the best fence for horses, cattle, hogs, and goats from James Fence & Gate.

The Best Fencing for Horses

When selecting horse fencing, the most important consideration is visibility. The horses need to be able to see easily the fence so that they don’t run into it and harm themselves. Wooden post-and-board fences (or their vinyl equivalent) are ideal for providing these types of sight lines. In addition, vinyl fencing is considered safer for horses, because it is flexible. Should the horse run into it, it will have a little give so as not to harm the animal.

The Best Fencing for Cattle

In order to provide proper containment, cattle fencing needs to be at least 54 inches tall. While barbed wire and woven wire fences were common cattle fence choices in the past, nowadays, high-tensile wire fencing systems with treated wood fence posts are becoming more popular. If you need to separate a bull from cows, you will need a stronger system with thick posts and a larger gauge of wire.

Hog Fencing

The best fencing choice for hogs is usually feedlot panel fencing. These heavy-gauge wire panels won’t collapse when livestock run into them. Configure your feedlot or pasture any way you like, add a gate, and you’re ready to go. Electrified high-tensile wire is also becoming popular for hog fencing.

Goat Fencing

Goats can get through almost any fence. Your choice for goat fencing will mean the difference between chasing your goats down the road or untangling them from the fencing material, and raising happy, healthy, well-contained goats. Goat net wire fencing is a good choice, as long as you space the posts close together. You can add one strand of electrified wire on the interior of the fence for further security.

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To keep your livestock safe, it is important to always use the proper fencing type to contain the specific animal you’re raising. If you are in need of a wooden, vinyl, or aluminum fence in the Charlotte NC area, contact James Fence and Gate today. We also specialize in providing perimeter fencing that can enclose and secure your entire property.