Avoid Neighbor Disputes with These Top Fencing Tips

If you’re installing a new fence, it’s a good idea to practice good fence etiquette (and good neighbor etiquette, too). Following local regulations, talking to your neighbor beforehand, and using basic common sense can help ensure you and your neighbors stay on good terms and diminish the chance of a lawsuit. Here are some fence installation tips that will help you avoid confrontations with your neighbors.

Know your property boundaries

If you go over your property line by even an inch, the state can force you to tear down your fence and start all over—so make sure that you know exactly what part of your property is yours. You can do this by studying your house’s line drawing, or ordering a survey from a land surveyor. Fence companies usually install fencing within a foot of your property line, to be on (literally) the safe side.

Hire a reputable fence company

It’s up to your fence company to obtain local permits, obey local zoning regulations, and ensure that your new fence meets all requirements. For example, fence height limits are usually 6 feet for backyards, and 4 feet for front yards. More restrictive rules often apply to corner lots, where blind curves can limit driving visibility. Don’t just leave all this to chance–make sure to vet your fence company carefully and verify that they are licensed, professional, and trustworthy.

Know your HOA Rules

Fencing companies are not responsible for knowing Homeowners’ Association rules, and if certain restrictions must be met, it’s up to you to inform your fence installer of them. HOAs can dictate your fence’s style, height, and appearance right down to the color, so be sure to consult your HOA regulations before picking out a new fence.

Talk to your neighbor

Building a fence without any discussion could be taken as a hostile or antisocial action. In order to keep the peace, talk to your neighbor before your fence installation, and make sure they agree with your estimation of the property lines. Unless you want to be really friendly, there’s no need to show your neighbors the design or structure of your fence; as long as everything meets state and HOA requirements, they can’t legally influence your decision. 

Practice good fence maintenance

You can avoid aggravating your neighbors by keeping your fence clean and maintained over the years. Don’t let it sag into their yard, or rust and become an eyesore. A good way to keep up with your fence repairs is having your fence installation company come out every year to perform an inspection. An inspection costs very little, and can fix small problems that might develop into an expensive repair.

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