Construction to Make White House Fence Taller is Now Underway

If you’re considering investing in a new fence this summer, you can take some inspiration from one of the most important fences in the U.S.: the fence that separates the public from the White House front lawn. According to various news sources, construction is now underway to make the White House fence taller, tougher, and stronger, as part of overall security improvements planned in 2014.

Security Issues for Both Presidents

Both the current and previous administration have been plagued with increasingly brash fence-jumpers. This January, a woman from Southeast Washington tried to jump the barrier and was caught by her shoelaces. In February, a Virginia man tried to enter the White House via the front lawn, telling law enforcement he wanted to help President Trump “bring peace to the world.”

In September 2014, a man carrying a knife jumped a fence and ran more than 70 yards across the North Lawn, managing to enter the front door of the White House. Earlier that same month, a man suffering from schizophrenia scaled the fence and entered the North Lawn while carrying a Pikachu doll and wearing a Pikachu hat; he was apprehended by Secret Service agents and placed under mental health observation. It is likely these breaches which prompted a request for increased security.

The New White House Fence: Specs and Details

The new White House fence will cost about $64 million, and will be about 13 feet tall, about 5 feet taller than the current model. It will include an 18-inch, above-ground stone base and “pencil point” anti-climb spikes at the top. The fence’s pickets also will be wider and more durable. Officials stated that the six vehicular and nine pedestrian gates also will be replaced.

In a statement, Secret Service spokeswoman Catherine Milhoan said her agency and the Park Service worked to develop “an appropriate barrier that will keep the White House and grounds as accessible as possible to the public, while ensuring the highest level of security of the White House and its occupants.”

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