6 Easiest Fence Types to Maintain From Our Charlotte NC Fence Installer

Choosing the type of fence to install can be a tedious task, especially if you need an easy to maintain structure. With this article, we seek to help you find the easiest fence types to maintain from our Charlotte privacy fence installer.

1. Vinyl fencing

Vinyl is obtained by mixing PVC resin with ultraviolet inhibitors, toners, and stabilizers.

  • Vinyl fencing does not lose its color since it reflects ultraviolet rays. In fact, most local vinyl fence installers maintain that the fence does not require painting.
  • It can withstand strong coastal winds without breaking due to its flexing nature.
  • Individuals or organizations will readily find a local vinyl fence installer in their location to design and install it.

2. Steel fencing

  • They are often coated with a layer of zinc and galvanized iron which makes it more durable.
  • Stainless steel is shiny in all seasons, which means that it is not susceptible to rust or corrosion. All it needs is clean water and a cloth to clean.

3. Composite fencing

Composite fences utilize a combination of recycled plastics, wood pieces, and resin to form a product that looks identical to wood. Composite fencing is environment-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

  • No filling gaps from splintering or knots in the wood that can break away over time.

4. Aluminum fencing

It consists of poles made out of aluminum elements. The fencing is popular due to its lightweight nature, density, and ability to resist corrosion.

  • It does not fade; hence does not require regular painting.
  • It is durable since it is not damaged by moisture, sunlight, or termites.

5. Wrought iron fencing

It is a product of the raw elements of iron. It can be molded to posts, rails, spires, and pickets.

  • It is ductile. As such, it can be shaped into various fence designs to fit the required appearance.
  • Wrought iron is easily repairable in portions without having to replace the whole fence.

6. Split rail

It consists of timber logs that are split lengthwise into rails. Most wood fence installers near me reveal that the fence is best suited for agricultural and decorative purposes. Before you start searching for a wood fence installer near me, contact us for the best deals.

Haven’t decided on the type of fence to install yet? Avoid making uninformed decisions. Just talk to us today to benefit from free personal guidance and costs.