5 Wood Fence Add-Ons Options from our Charlotte Fence Company

Have you ever passed a wooden fence with distinct features and wondered what they were called? You may have even gone online to explore fence styles and features, but been unable to articulate exactly what you were looking for. In today’s Charlotte wood fence blog, we’ll discuss some of the unique finishing touches you can add to your new fence.

Steel Posts for Wooden Fences

Have you ever seen a wooden fence fall over after a big storm? Although nothing can 100% guarantee a fence won’t fall over, using steel posts to support your fence railings is one good way to minimize the chance of your fence being uprooted. Unlike pressurized wood fence posts, steel doesn’t absorb groundwater and so doesn’t weaken over time. And since the steel is galvanized, it will withstand rainfall without rusting for at least a couple of decades.

Batten Board Fences

You’ve probably heard the phrase “batten down the hatches” a few times before. A “batten” is a thin strip of wood, and “hatches” refers to ship hatchways, or entry points that were generally open or covered wooden grating to permit ventilation of the lower decks. “Batten down the hatches” simply meant to plug up the gaps. The concept of batten boards for fences is the same. As a wood fence ages, its pickets shrink, resulting in a sliver of space between each picket. Batten boards are added to fill in the gaps, providing more privacy and security.

Cap Tops for Wooden Fences

Many homeowners find the tops of fences, especially the pointed tips of picket fences, to appear unattractive and untidy. A cap top is added to the top of a fence to finish off the wooden fence. The cap top is usually a simple 2×4 railing that sits on top of the fence, flattening the fence’s upper profile into a straight line; however, it can be customized with divots, grooves, or scrolls, depending on the style you would like to achieve.

Lattice Top Fences

Instead of finishing off your wooden fence with a flat line, you can add a lattice top, a thin criss-crossed pattern of boards. Lattice tops are delicate and aesthetically pleasing, and generally add a homey, rustic feel to the fence. They also provide a little bit of visibility, as you can look up and see the sky through them, an effect that many homeowners enjoy.

Get a Wood Fence You Can Count on from James Fence and Gate

Whether you’re looking an add-on that will help your fence last longer, a solution for extra privacy, or a beautiful finishing touch, James Fence and Gate can handle anything you need for your wood fence in Charlotte. To get custom wood fence installation in Charlotte NC, contact us today.