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If you are a dog owner, you may be considering installing an invisible fence around your property. If so, we strongly urge you to opt for a physical fence, instead, for several reasons. Firstly, invisible fences aren’t very effective at containing animals, and can even be harmful to dogs.

Aside from those major problems, there are some features that a real fence will give you that will make it worth your investment. Here are some reasons why a wooden, vinyl, or metal fence (or even a chain-link fence!) will do a much better job at enclosing your animal, and provide you with added benefits like security, privacy, and peace of mind.


Invisible fences are sort-of effective at preventing dogs from escaping (provided the collar battery doesn’t fail and the animal doesn’t decide to take the shock in exchange for whatever’s on the other side.) But they don’t prevent anyone or anything from coming in. Burglars, vandals, salespeople, and other trespassers can all walk right up to your porch and either annoy you or steal your property.

In terms of protecting your dog, there’s also the possibility that children—or adults who should know better—might come onto the property and interact with the animal. If you have an aggressive breed, it could bite or attack what it perceives as threats, in which case you’d be liable for a lawsuit. Sadly, there’s also the possibility that said strangers could try to poison, harm, or steal your dog. It happens every day, and an invisible fence doesn’t stop it from happening.


An invisible fence might secure (sort-of) your dog, but does it protect you and your family from prying eyes? Can you grill, hang out around the pool, garden, or work on your tan with the full assurance that no one is watching you? Unlike an invisible fence, a real fence secures your dog and lets you mow the lawn with as little clothing as you’d like. (Note: James Fence and Gate is not responsible for nudity-related choices and their consequences.)

Noise/Smell Muffling

Muffling of what, you say? Sounds. Smells. Sights. A fence puts a two-inch barrier between you and everything that might bother or irritate you. With a fence, your pleasant garden oasis no longer need be polluted by a) traffic sounds b) weird curry smells c) your neighbor’s unsightly pile of garbage d) your neighbors horrible-smelling pile of garbage. You can live your life, and they can live theirs, thanks to your real, physical, well-installed wooden or vinyl fence.   

Peace of Mind

The best thing a physical fence gives you that an invisible fence simply can’t, is peace of mind! As we’ve said, with an invisible fence, there’s no 100% guarantee that the animal won’t jump it in order to chase that squirrel they really want. There’s no guarantee you won’t come home to find your animal missing and roaming the streets (in the best case scenario), and that little fear will nag at you all day until you’ve installed a proper, strong, sturdy, real fence from James Fence and Gate. At least, now that we’ve said that, it will.

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